Ins-pirada pel dibuix ;)(; Inspired by drawing

This exhibition is a special ocasion to me to do a homenage to my first master, that,s the draw, i decide to mount in a nice old fashion space my artworks homenaging the draw ways to concep art and ideas. from this exhibition i get an invitation to get an innterview in TV, that is quite funny and nice dialog around my conception about Estetics Philosophy.

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Photo Sesion with my friend Natasha Russo

Natasha RussoVisiting Valencia
thanks to my valencia friends, multi-faceted artists, I have the advantage of being able to go to this beautiful city when I want, this day i meet my friend Natasha Russo , activist for human rights artist .
She invite me to a photo session for her next photographic exhibition in Valencia.
It is a pleasure to create together,

natasha russo    


                                                                                    Thanks you,  Natasha.

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Art Exhibition in Vinaros, ” Women Gift life , women is a gift from the life”


This last moth i have been part of a beautyfull exhibition were we was 9 womens talking around our private view about women live in this area of mother land 🙂
i,m really happy and proud about this exhibition, all womens we are so diferent beautyfull diferent views about life and respect.
i specilly recite a nice poem from a women poetry from this area, that talk about all what has been past througth to our history like a womens.
i like to let you read in our original lenguaje 🙂 a little strophe that have a lot of meaning for me.


La història t’ha penjat
del coll la identitat
que més li convenia,
però hui te n’adones,
i amb serenor pregones
la teua regel.lia.
hui t’has alçat del llit
amb un nou esperit
d’indòmita amazona,
i alces la teua veu
reivindicant el teu dret a ser tu i ser dona.
…i et batega en les venes
un paradís d’arenes
i d’escumes nacrades,
i sote les parpelles bressoles meravelles
que d’inspiren les fades.
Ét batega en les venes
una albor d’assutzenes
que dispersa al teu pit
l’entenebrida boira,
i tanca en la memòria
l’angúnia i el neguit.
et batega en les venes
un cavall sense regnes
de lliure fantasia
que altri mai no ha sotmés
i gira del revés
la teua lletania:
Salve, nova maria,
que llostreja un nou dia
foragitant la nit,
on tu vals el que vals,
perquè no hi ha destrals
que escapcen l’esperit.

Lola González Montolio


The story has hanged you
From the neck the identity
What more suited him,
But today you realize,
And with serenity pleasurable
Your regel.lia.
Today you got up from the bed
With a new spirit
Of indomita amazona,
And you raise your voice
Claiming your right to be you and being a woman.
… and beat you in the veins
A paradise of sand
And peeled foams,
And put on the eyelids wonderful cribs
Which inspire the fairies.
I’m dying in the veins
A threshold of niches
That scatters in your chest
The fog enthusiast,
And closes in memory
The anguish and the neglect.
Beat you in the veins
A horse without realms
Of free fantasy
What else has never been done?
And rotate the reverse
Your litany:
Salve, maria nova,
That paints a new day
Foraging the night,
Where you worship what you worship,
Because there are no axes
That the spirit escapes.

Lola González Montolio

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Artistes de Castelló, Jose Antonio Arias

publication from jose antonio arias

Article from the art critic Patricia Mir

“Sonia Eva has done an interesting journey and technical disciplines. He trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts of St. George where he specialized in modeling the human figure as a representation of the essence of being. Then he worked as a graphic designer and has recently released his role in a pictorial symbolism abstract. its main theme is the universal symbol of the circle, the result of his interest in meeting the aesthetic philosophy of discourse East and West, the sphere is the figure compositional contrasts with the bodies in the game of opposites that complementary. The beauty of nudity has always aroused his interest. Each work is a compositional game between simplicity and complexity Circle Organic naked body or the landscape. ”  Patricia Mir, art critic.

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48 Stunden, Hannover

Opening times:

fr. 6 p.m. – sun 6 p.m. NONSTOP OPEN!!

Kulturetage im SofaLoft
Jordanstrasse 26
30173 Hannover-Südstadt


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