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My job has been to pave the way for release of the experiences trought the heart.
The artworks are situacions where love is involved in one way or another.
We must give a chance to the heart to seal the pain for finally taking a leap into the future!

New participacion from LOVE WARRIORS digital ART from barcelona.

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Water Time

“Water Heart” Sònia Eva DomenecH / Abril 13 Instalación Fractal mathematics are the basement of understanding the flow of the water. And water has memory also, based on fractal geometrie. It remembers in time the way, the behaiviour, the target. … Continue reading

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Actual Exhibition, “Liebe in Bürgerkriegen” – Herne, Germany

Actual Exhibition, “love in civil wars” – Herne, Germany In later centuries the fall of the Berlin Wall will be considered the true beginning of a new European migration of the peoples. Europe’s powerful attraction to the world is fed … Continue reading

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