Actual Exhibitions

Next Exhibitions:


>15 des-29 febrer:

“STOP-NOW-START” colective exhibition from el DRAC in Cervera del Maestre, Spain, Casa del Dragon.

Instalation: The Memory

the memory

>15 march to 15 may:

“Love in civil wars” with el DRAC, in Akademie Mont-Cenis, Herne, German.

>1-26 april:

“WATER” with VVAA colective from Barcelona,”La Barceloneta”, Spain.


>8-30 september:

“FIRE” with VVAA colective from Barcelona, “La Farinera”, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

>17 nov-2 dic:

“LOVE IN CIVIL WARS” open colective exhibitions from el DRAC in German, “Kulturbunker muelheim” Cologne.

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