Actual Exhibition, “Liebe in Bürgerkriegen” – Herne, Germany

Actual Exhibition, “love in civil wars” – Herne, Germany


Father waiting for to pass the bombar in bunker.

In later centuries the fall of the Berlin Wall will be considered the true beginning of a new European migration of the peoples. Europe’s powerful attraction to the world is fed by its  attractive social system and its low birth rate. Europe is becoming a melting pot of a new global future. Driven by cultural and political innovation, people try out new concepts of social life and interaction. From Africa and Asia they pour into Europe and come in as new citizens of this world. Globalization makes any war a civil war! Whether in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or right at our doorstep on Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona, everywhere the amazing young citizens call for equitable access to the world’s resources. The intelligence of the swarm will indicate the direction and it is always the right one. Let’s listen to the wisdom of the crowds. Now.


By Juan Petry


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