“Water Heart”
Sònia Eva DomenecH / Abril 13

Fractal mathematics are the basement of understanding the flow
of the water. And water has memory also, based on fractal
geometrie. It remembers in time the way, the behaiviour, the
target. 70% of our body is water. Each cell is organized like the
prehistoric ocean with the same conditions in liquids, chemical
mechanisms and salt enviroments. Life comes from water and
through water. Our unique sense to feel this family rrots with the
water is SOUND. Listen the time. It is your time.



“The Memory”
Sònia Eva DomenecH / December 13 Bcn

the memory

Keys always open doors, but we have many keys, old keys and new keys that lead us THROUGH paths of memory. This installation tells us about the ways in which I take the actions I perform to unlock or remember small and big events of our history. The fact of giving birth or when a woman receives the news that makes the light is embarazada many routes connections of memory on the fact of who we are, what we do, we can be. Giving birth to reflection in the time of life in which we are. lights and shadows of our history, key facts, a network d”associacions that lead us to the fact desicio conducted l pregnancy. This instalation is a reflection on this.

Les claus sempre obren portes, pero tenim moltes claus, claus antigues i claus noves que ens duen per camins atraves de la memoria.
Aquesta instal.lació ens parla sobre els camins que em de pendre, les accions que em de dur a terme per desbloquejar o recordar petits i grans fets de la nostra historia.
El fet de donar a llum o el moment en que una dona rep la noticia que esta embarazada posa a la llum moltes rutes, conexions de la memoria sobre el fet, sobre qui som, que fem, que podem ser. Donar a llum posar en reflexió el moment de la vida en el que estem. les llums i les ombres de la nostra historia, els fets claus, una xarxa d´´associacions que ens porten a la desicio del fet de portar a terme l,embaras.
aquesta instalacio es una reflexió sobre aquest fet.                    

                                                                                                                                        sonia CH:)