Love Warriors


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Collection love warriors
digital art | x/100 | 2013

In 2012 i started love warriors. I like the artistic intervention in public spaces. This project should animate the people in looking the beauty of the little things and to be with more attention for this beauty in the public areas.

We should focus the positive side, the beauty, the value and the luck we have.

Congratulations! You have now the possibility to be part of this intervention. Inside the box you find six hearts for to stick in your favourite public locations. Wherever you feel, the space need to have one of this little signals of love, stick it!

Animate your friends to search your hearts in these places and to take photos as well and to upload them also in their social networks.

Make a photo of your intervention and send it to me (jpg less than 2 mb):

soniaeva / at /

Post your photo in your social networks and link it to this page:

On this page you will find further information about the project and other love warriors. And here you can order more hearts to stick by yourself or to give away to your friendssix hearts for you!!!