2021 Order

Rocart festival

He participado como artista invitada este fin de semana en el Rocart festival de Peñíscola, festival de arte y cultura que no os podéis perder, nos encontramos gran variedad de artistas albergados en diferentes hostales donde la gente puede pasar a visitarnos, este fin de semana abrigados con conciertos, talleres, performances y otras actividades, ha habido una gran afluencia de público, una experiencia inolvidable que no os podéis perder.

2020 Hearts Memory


Solo exhibition about «love in civil wars«

30 novembre to 4 december 2020 by The Souza Gallery

This exhibition talk about to find peace in our hearts because everybody has had a family history behind the civil war.

On-line exhibition

2018 Order timeline


A nice interview by a culural TVprogram in the main city of my area, Castellon with Patricia Mir, one of the main crítics of art.

This interview talk about one of my solo exhibitions, in this one i did an homenage to the draw, one of my favourites tecnics, and i talk about the importance to learn to draw.

2014 timeline

48 Stunden, Hannover

Opening times:

fr. 6 p.m. – sun 6 p.m. NONSTOP OPEN!!

Kulturetage im SofaLoft
Jordanstrasse 26
30173 Hannover-Südstadt


2014 timeline

“Raum fuer die Kunst” in Windeck, Germany

Opening : 21.06.2014 – 6 p.m.

Cycles is the actual theme of the artist. Domenech discover the deepness of cycles, she express her feelings and investigations in colourful compositions and impressive structures.