Love in civil wars

This collection previously formed part of a European wide exhibition of works with the title “Love in civil wars”.

Within the framework of the theme “Love in civil wars”, a collection of works by different artists of the European network EL-DRAC was presented in various disciplines (drawing, painting, photography, installations, sculpture..).

As part of the concept of the original exhibition, since 2011 this artworks have been shown in various European cities and in different combinations.

sonia domenech
the soldiers coming back at home

Love in wartime was a very special commission, it was a challenge to create a series of works under the title love in civil war.
As always the first thing I did was do a research work, so I collected
all the images that were closest to my idea of ​​love in wartime,
I found in most of Robert Capa’s photographs what he was looking for, so that I decided on Andy Warhol’s pop art to collect the images that most they moved on the subject and use them for my works, at that time

El bombardeo
The Bombing

I was also reading to Alejandro Jodorowsky, his book under the title Psycho Magic, What led me to the figure of heart as a symbol of love and psychomagic act as Jodorosky calls it, when framing all works in a heart in one way or another as an act of healing pain that has left the war in all of us. In my family and I personally the war came to me in the way of behaving of the family, celebrating all meals my grandmother after having passed the famine of the postwar period, she would not let us leave an iota on the plate in all the feasts that she prepared. On the other hand, I felt quite affected as well as confused with the subject of
the war, ha, my father’s family is military and my mother’s are Republicans, this It took me to deep pain when I felt myself a part that caused so many deaths, and it was one of the reasons why I started my work with a black heart with the figures in the rows of the military, ha returning home.


After having seen documentaries of the Second World War to families on both sides hugging and forgiving each other, the heart took a very significant shape in my paintings. This series of paintings tells us about a part of the historical memory of humanity. We all have relatives who have directly lived the experience of a war, the barbarism of man has left its mark on everyone. Fear and pain took hold of our lives.
My work has consisted of opening the way of liberation from these experiences of the past through the heart. Images are situations where the love of one way or another in a dangerous situation, why not give the heart of seal the pain that we carry dragging from our past to finally take a leap towards it future.

love in civil war
the escape
The escape