Parir un nou món

From 05 march to 11 April, Contemporari Art Museum, MUCBE, Benicarlo, Spain

This exhibition was a need to vindicate myself as a woman who lives in nature, at first the proposal was from the anger of what it means to be a woman today to later find the empowerment of being a woman.
From the convulsion of repressed emotions to female empowerment from the reflection of everyday elements that I found in my environment.

“Moons that invite you to feel”

Moons that invite you to feel, is a painting that I have painted from the intention of recognizing the female body and its rhythms, from female empowerment, I have been inspired by tribal painting to paint my own body and the sensations that I observed in it, the Tribal style leads me to relate the aesthetics of pointillist painting to the relationship with the rhythms of nature, I want to create a space between who we are from respect for the earth.


“Courage” is a piece of one of the everyday elements of women today, especially in the media, I have chosen this element because it speaks of the absurdity of feminine aesthetics today and how women suffer in silence. Courage is a piece that has history, high heels were invented for horse riding, the fact that today they have become popular does not mean that it is a feminine element that causes pain and deformation in the feet, this assembly is a homenege to all women who wear heels, for their courage.

2020 Hearts Memory


Solo exhibition about “love in civil wars

30 novembre to 4 december 2020 by The Souza Gallery

This exhibition talk about to find peace in our hearts because everybody has had a family history behind the civil war.

On-line exhibition

2018 Order timeline


A nice interview by a culural TVprogram in the main city of my area, Castellon with Patricia Mir, one of the main crítics of art.

This interview talk about one of my solo exhibitions, in this one i did an homenage to the draw, one of my favourites tecnics, and i talk about the importance to learn to draw.

2014 timeline

48 Stunden, Hannover

Opening times:

fr. 6 p.m. – sun 6 p.m. NONSTOP OPEN!!

Kulturetage im SofaLoft
Jordanstrasse 26
30173 Hannover-Südstadt


2014 timeline

“Raum fuer die Kunst” in Windeck, Germany

Opening : 21.06.2014 – 6 p.m.

Cycles is the actual theme of the artist. Domenech discover the deepness of cycles, she express her feelings and investigations in colourful compositions and impressive structures.