As an artist, the theme of the circle interests me a lot as a topic of my own research, it is a subject rich in symbolic content and simple in the way that allows me to highlight the importance of color in the work.
I am creating this work as a method of my own research on color and its emanations in space. Since I am very interested in what color can say, emit and evoke.


It all started with a taste for curved shapes with Henry Moore, a great sculptor who was inspired by the organic shapes of bones, these organic shapes have followed me all my life, since I discovered in the college of fine arts; the study of the golden ratio, I became a fan of this topic and investigated, finding the golden proportions in nature. This world of the ever-growing spiral fascinated me. That together with the oriental philosophy of the Tao all the lines were unified in the sense of Ying and Yang in a circle, This led me to love and research in my work of curved forms and more specifically of the circle that when taking dimension became a sphere.


However, at that time I was not painting but covered all my sculptures with curved organic forms, it was later after a few years that while I was painting a sea shell I was deeply inspired by its shape, leading me to start the series of my works on spheres and circles.

the heart of the water

In my work, color has an emotional character, I do not look for the form with the color but in reality I want it to be an emanation of emotions, myself in the color I abstract myself as in a meditation where I do not think about anything or the most important thing ; time stops and emptiness flows to create stains that once made lead me to the motif, my motive for research which is the circle and the sphere in its three-dimensional emanation.

the secret of love

Nature is the base, the foundation that inspires me and rescues me whenever I get lost, it is the base of all my work, in which in one way or another from an abstract emanation the colors of it flow.

My artistic works do not pretend to talk about anything in particular most of the time, but they seek to emanate or call out the emotions of the viewer, what is not understood and is there. Where the circle has the weighting function of focusing the viewer’s attention on a point in order to be able to come into contact with the viewer from the emanation of emotions, it is not a work to be understood from reason.

living water

The pictorial technique is not important in this work because it is a flow, a letting go of colors that if using water as an element of nature, I chose acrylics because they are respectful with the environment, and working with water as a medium fascinates me Just as I am fascinated by the world of watercolor, where one never knows exactly the result when working with water, since water is also creative in the work itself.

The first thing that fascinates people in my work is how vivid color is, they love how I make the colors flow and how vivid they are, my artistic compositions have a lot of strength and energy.

the heart of the artichoke

The most important change in my work during my career has been to put color, I come from the field of drawing and sculpture where color is a secondary theme, but in my pictorial work it has taken all the leading role to leave the line and the form in second and sometimes third plane, although this does not mean that in my pictorial works many times the same color flows in a three-dimensional space created by a circle, or the same spot of color.