>7 Agost – 2 September : Annual Group exhibition curated by Frederick Souza, Cervera del Maestre, Spain.

>1 july – 7 August :«Parir un nou mòn», Antic moli de l’oli, Ulldecona, Catalunya, spain.

> «Los Poderes del Circulo», Dipayogakala, Vinaros, Spain.

>2 April – 30 April: EXOIT, group exhibition, Casa Del Dragon, Cervera del Maestre, Spain


>7 August – 9 August:  Annual Contemporary Art Exhibition – Cervera Del Maestre, Ermita de San Sebastián

>7 August – 28 August: Viaje Cultural – de Cervera del Maestre a Valencia –
Group Exhibition Gallery Sporting Club Russafa Carlos Moreno Mínguez, Calle Seville 5, Russafa, Valencia.

>12 August – 31 August: The Beauty of Forgiveness (La Belleza del Perdón), Cervera del Maestre, De Souza Gallery


>Exposición Colectiva de Arte Contemporaneo, DeSouzagallery, Cervera del Maestre


>“INS-PIRADA PEL DIBUIX”, Sala Juan Català, Vinaròs




>“DONA VIDA, 9 DONES”, Auditorio Ayguals, Vinaròs


«LOVE IN CIVIL WARS», gotic rooms, Morella, Valencia, Spain


11 december-7 january 2015
«LOVE IN CIVIL WARS», auditori de Vinaros, Vinaros, Spain


>3-5 october

«48 Stunden», Hannover, Germany

>16-31 august
«LOVE IN CIVIL WARS», Papaluna Castel, Penyiscola, Spain

>4-30 april
«LOVE IN CIVIL WARS», Fundació Fita, Girona, Spain

>5 january-28february
«RaumFuerDieKunst» , Windeck, Germany


>15 des-29 febrer:

«STOP-NOW-START» colective exhibition from el DRAC in Cervera del Maestre, Spain, Casa del Dragon.

Instalation: THE MEMORY

the memory

>15 march to 15 may:

«Love in civil wars» with el DRAC, in Akademie Mont-Cenis, Herne, German.

>1-26 april:

«WATER» with VVAA colective from Barcelona,»La Barceloneta», Spain.


>»FIRE» with VVAA colective from Barcelona, «La Farinera», Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

>»LOVE IN CIVIL WARS» open colective exhibitions from el DRAC in German, «Kulturbunker muelheim» Cologne.

> Exhibition paintings, “Le Madelon”, Castelnaudary, Asociation Saint Henri, France.

> Group «VVAA» of multidisciplinar art from artists “El Foc” exhibition , Centre Civic Barceloneta, Barcelona,Spain.

> Exhibition paintings “Inner Landscapes” Cultural Center “la Fabrica” Celrà, Girona,Spain.


> Exhibition paintings, “Le Madelon”, Castelnaudary, Asociation Saint Henri, France.

> Exhibition paintings, «GAP gallery», Barcelona, Spain.

> Network «El DRAC» multidisciplinar art exhibition “Love in civil wars”, Hermita St. Sebastia, Cervera del maestre, Spain.

> Group «El DRAC» multidisciplinar art exhibition “Amor en guerres civils”, MUCBE, Benicarló, Spain.

> Colective Exhibition, «Casa cultura», Godelleta, Valencia,Spain.


> Exhibition paintings, “Le Madelon”, Castelnaudary, Asociation Saint Henri, France.

> Colective exhibition «Greek mythology» at the «Hidraulic Museum» Salt, Girona, Spain.

> Group exhibition of drawings at the House of Culture of Riudellots de la Selva, Girona, Spain.

After 7 years to study and work as visualmedia design computer I comeback to work by hands with other vision.


> Installation «The Wonder of Water» about «the water power» publication from Masaru Emoto, Old house «Leon Avinay»,city even for spring «Temps de Flors», Girona, Spain.


> Exhibition «Mondo lirondo», The Bookstore, Girona, Spain.

> Drawings Colective exhibition «Tribute to Benancio Blanco» ,big artist and teacher, Priego de Córdoba, Spain.


> Bronzes and drawings Colective exhibition «Álvarez Cubero Showroom «, Priego de Córdoba, Spain.


> Creative animation in plasticine, «Museum of Cinema», Girona, Spain.


> Exhibition «Cranium»,interdisciplinar work between neurosurgery medicine and sculpture artist about crani geometry, Faculty of Arts St. Jordi, Barcelona, Spain.


> Exhibition and demonstration of sculpture workshop in the Sta. Clara street, Girona, Spain.


> Scuplture Colective exhibition «Femmes Mediterranee Forum», «Art Museum», Girona, Spain.