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Le Jardin d’Epicur Collection

Le jardin d’Epikur

Series 1 | x /100 | 2012

Like the flowers are growing out of the grid, the people develop their beauty throughout the limitations in their societies.
After passing the grid of limitation everybody can meet the beauty.
But the grid defines also a stable secure environment for to start this growing.
Like in Epikurs garden we should accept the natur as the unique leader and like Ekipur we should follow these flowers and get into practice with develop our happiness.
Self reflection, self supervision and handle social contacts with care should be part of our daily work.
And following my images, you will imagine, in a dance of bees the nature will create the new generation, out of the old grid of the old society.
Your future comes out of Epikurs garden. Practice the happiness.

Sonia Eva Domenech, 2012

Inner Worlds Collection

Inner worlds

Series 1 | x of 60 | 2012


In every person there is a beautiful world. Everybody has to discover for himself his entrance to this space. I give you an image as a window to meditate and to concentrate on starting your journey.
In our outer world we are overloaded by communication, too many signs, too many words. Discover your inner world between all these words and symbols and spam. The real entrance is not marked by words, it is marked by the space between them.
If you open the layers carefully you will get to know another dimension. This will bring you to a more open view. Your own inner world is surely multidimensional, and it will be a lifetime journey to discover it, from one level to the next.

Sonia Eva Domenech, 2012

NO:ID Collection


series 2  |  x/100  |  8x5cm  |  2012

no : id

series 1  |  x/100  |  8x5cm  |  2012

These smiling faces are happy. Nobody uses them for social network profiles, they are no avatars for anybody. They are not limited in definitions. Nobody labels them or puts them under a headline: student, snob, customer,… Nobody can tie them to customer loyalty systems like credit cards or customer cards. These smiling faces are not restrained by group memberships, they are not limited to closed social networks. They can jump through all groups.

They are not coded in binaries.

You can have access to them only in your present. Now, at this moment.

They are free. They can open the world.

Sonia Eva Domenech, 2012

Circles Collection


series 1  |  x/100  |  8x5cm  |  2012

Thirty spokes converge upon a single hub;

It is on the hole in the center that the use of the cart hinges.

We make a vessel from a lump of clay;

It is the empty space within the vessel that makes it useful.

We make doors and windows for a room;

But it is these empty spaces that make the room livable.

Thas, while the tangible has advantages, it is the intangible that

makes it useful.

Tao Teh Ching

Revival Collection


series 1-2-3-4  |  x/100  |  8x5cm  |  2011/12

I am a catalan artist. I love my country. I love the forest, the plans and I love the old trees

In Catalunya we call the very old olive trees “millenarios” and we are proud of them. Some of our regions are full of this beautiful old plants.

I am a european artist. I love Europe. I love the diversity and freeness without borders. I love the mix of people from all over the world around me.

Most of the people think, the olive trees where part of spanish culture over hundred thousands of years. But this is not true. The north african conquerors brought them – and a lot of farm knowledge – to my country 1000 years ago.

So one of the symbols of my country was a foreigner!

The catalan people assimilate more than 5 million foreign people in the last 200 years. We integrate them only within the language in our sociaty.

Catalunya is a powerful sample for a nation without borders. We give the foreigners a chance and they become part of us, like the amazing olive trees under our blue sky. .

Sonia Eva Domenech, Girona, 2011

Night Waves Colletion

night waves

series 1  |  x/100  |  8x5cm  |  2011


The sea is part of my inner world. If you want discover my inner world you have to follow these waves.

In your world all life started and developed in the sea. And it was sailing with wind and waves to the coasts.
As Amor brings love, the waves brought life to the continents.
These night waves convey the human images living in my inner world.
If you imagine stars in the sky above the night waves, you are right.
My inner world is full of stars.
This should remind you that we all are star dust.
In my inner world there is a strong connection between the stars, the waves, the coast line and the human images.

Feel the sound of my night waves. It is bold and full of inner rhythm.

Sonia Eva Domenech
Cervera del Maestre, 2012

Love in civil wars Collection

Love in civil wars

series 1  |  x/100  |  8 x5 cm  |  2011

«love in civil wars – driven by the theme of a large exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MUCBE) in Benicarlo (Spain) in September 2011 I have combined military green and red colours with hearts, painted on wood from olive trees from the wonderful Costa del Azahar (Orange Flower Coast).

Do we need warriors of love? – YES.

Is it wrong to think of love in times of civil wars? – NO.

The young people gathering on the city squares ask for active participation in world economy to take their own chances to survive. They use love instead of weapons. Their words are their arms. Public reaction shows how powerful this can be. Let us share love and build the future. NOW.»

Sonia Eva Domenech, Girona, 2011

ABC Collection


series 1  |  x/100  |  8x5cm  |  2011

First serial for artsurprise inpired in the ABC and nature from a event with caligrafic artists in Tarragona inside the nature enviroment.


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