2014 timeline

48 Stunden, Hannover

Opening times:

fr. 6 p.m. – sun 6 p.m. NONSTOP OPEN!!

Kulturetage im SofaLoft
Jordanstrasse 26
30173 Hannover-Südstadt


2014 timeline

“Raum fuer die Kunst” in Windeck, Germany

Opening : 21.06.2014 – 6 p.m.

Cycles is the actual theme of the artist. Domenech discover the deepness of cycles, she express her feelings and investigations in colourful compositions and impressive structures.



2013 Artsurprise Circles

Berlin Exhibition

kunstprojectformatFlyer Artsurprise  (577x800)


Love Warriors, Eddy Brons intervention.

KLÖN;GERMAN : EDDY BRONS participation in  project LOVE WARRIORS,


In 2012 i started love warriors. I like the artistic intervention in public spaces. This project should animate the people in looking the beauty of the little things and to be with more attention for this beauty in the public areas….


2013 Artsurprise timeline

Smiling faces, serial of objects for artsurprise.


These smiling faces are happy. Nobody uses them for social network profiles, they are no avatars for anybody. They are not limited in definitions. Nobody labels them or puts them under a headline: student, snob, customer,… Nobody can tie them to customer loyalty systems like credit cards or customer cards. These smiling faces are not restrained by group memberships, they are not limited to closed social networks. They can jump through all groups.

They are not coded in binaries.

You can have access to them only in your present. Now, at this moment.

They are free. They can open the world.

Sonia Eva Domenech, 2013