Parir un nou món

From 05 march to 11 April, Contemporari Art Museum, MUCBE, Benicarlo, Spain

This exhibition was a need to vindicate myself as a woman who lives in nature, at first the proposal was from the anger of what it means to be a woman today to later find the empowerment of being a woman.
From the convulsion of repressed emotions to female empowerment from the reflection of everyday elements that I found in my environment.

«Moons that invite you to feel»

Moons that invite you to feel, is a painting that I have painted from the intention of recognizing the female body and its rhythms, from female empowerment, I have been inspired by tribal painting to paint my own body and the sensations that I observed in it, the Tribal style leads me to relate the aesthetics of pointillist painting to the relationship with the rhythms of nature, I want to create a space between who we are from respect for the earth.


«Courage» is a piece of one of the everyday elements of women today, especially in the media, I have chosen this element because it speaks of the absurdity of feminine aesthetics today and how women suffer in silence. Courage is a piece that has history, high heels were invented for horse riding, the fact that today they have become popular does not mean that it is a feminine element that causes pain and deformation in the feet, this assembly is a homenege to all women who wear heels, for their courage.